• Dipti Patel

3 Healthy Additions to Your Morning Breakfast

Here are a few tips for your morning breakfast:

1. Whole grain bread with a nut butter. If you want some sort of bread item for breakfast, opt for whole grain. Make sure you look for ingredients that say whole grain - whether it's wheat, brown rice, or oat. Research suggests that whole grains lower risk for certain diseases. For the nut butter - it can be peanut (my favorite growing up), almond, or perhaps for sweetness - nutella, a favorite choice for my kids. However, it can have sugar in it, so it use it in limited quantities.

2. Greek yogurt is a healthier option to regular plain yogurt as it adds more protein and less sugar to your breakfast than some individually packaged varieties. Adding your own fruit, like peaches (with honey for sweetness like they do in Greece) blueberries, strawberries, or pomegranates (how beautiful do these little jewels look and taste) will keep it tasting fresh and add important nutrients your body need. Nuts and granola can also be good options.

3. Eggs and veggies in the form of an omelet can be another healthy choice. You get a good dose of protein and nutrients from the eggs. Furthermore, the vegetables add more nutritional and fiber value as an added bonus. Remember eggs have no fiber in them. I usually like peppers - red, yellow or green, onions, spinach or kale, and mushrooms. Flavor it with salt, black pepper and some garlic powder for a more savory, yum factor to it.

With the simple changes above, make your morning breakfast routine more healthy and joyful for your body to meet your goals for an Amazing 2020!

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